Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2016

The spicy scent of curries carries you into Shimokitazawa
October 7th, 2016 (Friday) ~ October 16th (Sunday)

This year, we have 133 restaurants participating!
It will be hard to decide where to go!
The curry smells so good!
That’s right! The town is excited to be engulfed with splendid scent spices for 10 days!
What’s the Shimokitazawa Curry Festival?
The Shimokitazawa Curry Festival is a curry celebration that takes places for 10 days every year in October at the curry town “Shimokita”.
Refer to one of the curry maps freely distributed at train stations and restaurants to try curry at various restaurants and find your favorite.

In its fifth year, this time the festival’s theme is “fragrance”.
We’re going back to the origins and putting the spotlight on each curry more than ever before.
To let even one more person try even one more kind of curry, we have also planned to offer mini curries and takeout services.
Why not let the spicy fragrance floating in the air lead you to the wonderland of Shimokitazawa for an experience to tickle the adventurous spirit that sprouted in you as a child?
Someone once called the United States, a country where people from diverse nations live mixed together, a “melting pot”.
Shimokitazawa is a “curry pot” where theater, music, comedy, and fashion culture are jostled together.
Although it may look like chaos, there is actually an exquisite balance in it. Unique spices unify into a perfectly mild mixture.
That is why the concept of this district is “different strokes for different folks”. Curry, too, has as many different varieties as the people who eat it.
In the first year, 2012, the festival had 43 restaurants. Now the number has increased to 130.
The best homemade curry with over 20 years of history, original soup curry originating in Indonesia, Indian curry which its Indian creator boats is the best in Shimokita, Bar curry which was made part of the regular menu due to praise from frequent customers, a unique mutton curry made from a recipe perfected over years, the determined new wave taking on the Shimokitazawa curry district…
Enjoy a variety of curry that’s impressive even for Shimokitazawa.
Curry manju

How to reach Shimokitazawa:
Odakyu Line “Shimokitazawa” Station, Keio Inokashira Line “Shimokitazawa” Station
8 minutes on the Odakyu Line Express train from Shinjuku (¥160)
4 minutes on the Keio Inokashira Line Express train from Shibuya (¥130)
13 minutes by bus from Sangenjaya (¥220)

Phone: 03-5575-6601 (PIPED BITS Co., Ltd.)
Organizers: Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2016 Executive Committee (Shimokitazawa East Club, I LOVE Shimokitazawa)
Supporters: Setagaya Ward; Setagaya Industrial, Commercial & Workers’ Service Corporation
With the cooperation of: Shimokitazawa Commercial Federation, Shimokitazawa Broiler, Burari Shimokitazawa, Ltd. Ludens Arts, Sapporo carbon offset Promotion Council Pripress Center
Photos: Yanopyones
Clothing (clothing for the girl) provided by: GRANDBAZAAR
Design: m-nina